Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bond Bergland - Unearth,LP,1986,USA

Here's the one and only personnal LP of ex Factrix,Minimal man,Saqqara Dogs member.Bergland's solo LP, Unearth (recorded in 1985, prior to Saqqara dogs's formation),combines onetime Factrix leader Bond Bergland's Pink Floydish psychedelic guitars with Hearn Gadbois' Middle Eastern and Indian drumming and Sync66's (aka Chris Cunningham, ex-James White and the Blacks) Chapman Stick manipulations (as well as guitar, other bass, cello and organ). I find it happily reminiscent of Manchester ethno-cultists the Suns of Arqa; perhaps the two tribes are distantly related. . Gadbois' ritualistic drumming is eliminated in favor of more atmospherically inclined guitars and electronic percussion.
Sorry no pic sleeve scans(any help?)

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Anonymous said...

The Bond Bergland LP is one of the best I've heard in a long while. Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

You can find the album cover image for Bond Bergland's "Unearth" at:

Very good album! I only new Bergland from his appearance on Cluster's "First Encounter Tour 1996" before I downloaded this. The Saqqara Dogs album you posted is even better :) If you have Saqqara Dogs' "World Crunch" I'd love to hear that as well.