Sunday, May 6, 2007

V/A:From Belgrave With Love,LP,1981, Australia

Very rare and excellent post punk/minimal synth compilation released through Cleopatra label in 1981.Forst ever Appearance of Liza Gerrard(of Dead Can Dance fame) solo and with her 1st group MICROFILM.
1. Lachelle - Purple Hearts
2. The Ears - Perennial Boogie
3. The Ears - Stroller in the Attic
4. Steve Vanguard - Dead Shadow
5. Lisa Gerrard - Mossaic
6. The Marquises - From My Heart To My Hands
7. Vicki Hayes - Challenge
8. Vicki Hayes - Living Dead
9. Microtechs - Chant Of The Pidgon Tribe
10. Microfilm - Summer House
11. Daily Planet - David Lover Susan
12. The Video Pirates - Buried Treasure
Thanks to Stephane for this.



Anonymous said...

hey - i'm getting an error when i try to extract this. "CRC failed in VA-Belgrave with love\05 Lisa gerrard Mosaic.mp3. the file is corrupt.

what's up with this? i was really looking forward to this comp, too. :(

mutantsounds said...

there was a problem with upload probably...rauploading itand give you new link

Anonymous said...

I'll be back for this - Just wanted to say thanks for such a great blog! I've been introduced to some really great music.

dfracheb said...

Thanks, great music here:

Unknown said...

I hold the rights to the production of From Belgrave With Love, in conjunction with the earlier incarnation of Missing Link Records headed by Keith Glass. Furthermore, the artists on this compilation hold copyright over the compositions and performances. This work may be commercially reissued in the future, and you are undermining the viability of such a project. You do not have permission to post this work for download and I ask that you remove it. You can leave the page. Just remove the download link.
Ron Rude - Producer