Sunday, May 6, 2007

V/A:New Music 78/79,LP,1979,Australia

Great electronic/experimental compilation,released in 1979 through D.Chesworths's Innocent label.Includes artists such as; Essendon Airport, Paul Turner, Chris Wyatt, Plastic Platypus, David Chesworth, David Tolley, Dave and Phil Duo, Tch Tch Tch. Superb showcase of what really was happening around the edges of the vibrant avant punk and electronic scene in Melbourne at the time.
Side A.
2. Ernie ALTHOFF - Kerosene Replaced By Gas
3. Paul TURNER - Instrumental Rationality
4. Chris WYATT - untitled
5. John CRAWFORD - Earthgods
6. PLASTIC PLATYPUS - Quivering Aesthesia On The Downs
Side B.
7. Ron NAGORCKA - Sing Backgowln
8. TCH TCH TCH - Oomgawa Wana Tuba Bibi
9. David CHESWORTH - Control Room Piece
10. Graeme DAVIES - untitled
11. David TOLLEY - What Did You Say?
12. I.D.A. - Free Vocal Trio
13. DAVE & PHIL DUO - D9 Divine
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Anonymous said... : unreliable.

Anonymous said...

i hope you post the second comp after this. both are really amazing. Have a request; The Limp 7" on Primate Records...

Amazing stuff all round though.

John Daly said...

I couldnt afford the record, cool, thanks