Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Carlos Maria Trindade & Nuno Canavarro-Mr. Wollogallu,LP,1991,Portugal

Great experimental /ambient with some ethnic touches release by ex-Corpo Diplomático - Heróis do Mar - Madredeus ,Carlos Maria Trindade and ex- Street Kids avant garde musician and film music composer Nuno Canavarro.

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armeur H said...

Thank you for all the portugueses gems you're posting ! It's really delicious. Nuno Canavarro did "Plux Quba", a very influencial record in the post-techno scene in... Germany (like Mouse On Mars). The role of HNAS Christoph Heeman was determinant.
It was the first released in the Jim O'Rourke "Mokai" label.
If you have some Herois do Mar, i'll grateful !

Anonymous said...

As a portuguese, I'd like to thank you for this post.
If I know CM.Trindade, I didn't knew this project.
I see that my brother (Armeur H) has already post a comment ;o)

DBGO said...

If you dig Mr. Wollogallu check this playlist of forward thinking 80's portuguese ambientalists, experimenters and improvisers: https://playmoss.com/en/david-mas/playlist/lusofonias Cheers! Thanks