Saturday, July 14, 2007


This seriously fantastic library music LP intersperses cuts from early Magma members Teddy Lasry and Claude Engel alongside those of top notch jazz drummer Bernard Lubat (featured on the Laurent Petitgirard LP I posted a while back), who would himself shortly thereafter record a live album with Engel as part of the Lubat/Louiss/Engel group (soon to be posted here). As you'd expect, this being a library music album, none of what's contained here really qualifies as zeuhl, despite the pedigree. The back cover's description of the contents as "hard pop light" perhaps comes a bit closer, provided that you're definition of pop is Wolfgang Dauner's The Oimels or the soundtrack to Vampiros Lesbos. Yes, some of this is that groovily swinging, notably Engel's album opener "Freedom Fiesta". Engel also turns in two other exquisite bits here, both in a sort of poignant Alain Markusfeld cum Total Issue psych mode that's really rib-sticking. Other stellar turns here include the doomy Besombes-like acid rock blowout of Teddy Lasry's "Fiction Melody" that closes out side A and two of Lubat's cuts ("Beat It Hard" and "Dancing Penguins") which traffic in a species of jazz rock grooviness that wouldn't be out of place on one of Roberto Colombo's albums. An essential missing piece of the puzzle for this wing of the French 70's underground.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Vdoandsoun,

I don't understand how work the massmirror link; do you help me please.


Anonymous said...

It's ok work fine now, thanks

Anonymous said...

this is interesting, I never knew that some Magma members were ever involved with any of those French library albums. Cool hippie front cover on this one.

Besides this LP, does someone know of any of library LP's that the Magma members or some other French undgeround rockers were involved in?


Farlac said...

rico queried:
"Besides this LP, does someone know of any of library LP's that the Magma members or some other French undgeround rockers were involved in? "

There is an LP (also on IMP) called Hypnose - A basic argument treated by different composers, with Teddy Lasry, Jannick Top, and Jacques Thollot.

kizza said...

Now this sounds like my kind of steez! Thanks again for another superb post!

Anonymous said...

feck! I own this record, but I'd rather like top to dwld the 1st IML ("Creative Pop" by Michel Colombier) that I still miss!
Ans it's untraceable in the bloggosphere

peskypesky said...

just what the hell are these "library" albums?

i'm going to have to check this out, as anything Magma-related is usually worth hearing.

vdoandsound said...

peskypesky-Library albums: records that were intended for background music on television/radio/film, and were never commercially released to the public at the time.

a real decoy said...

your work here is great. it takes an extraordinary person amid an ordinary life to give a gift like this to the world. may the sun shine warm upon your face and the flow of the cosmos be ever at your back. i really like this IML release but do you by chance have or can you acquire the first release? the first IML - Creative POP

Anonymous said...

thanks for this awesome collection! Got to it quite late; funnily enough, searching this blog for 'creative pop' did not give this in the results. Found it eventually, though.
So can anyone share a rip of 'Hypnose' on IML, now that we're talking IML library records? There are a few tracks that can be previewed on Youtube - enough to make me desperately want to hear the whole record!

best wishes