Wednesday, July 25, 2007

V/A:Voices, Notes & Noise,LP,1984,Germany

Great compilation by Recommended music from 1984 gathering some of the most important experimental acts of it's time.

Track Listing
Side 1Battle Hymn - Martin Bisi/Viki Galvez Bisi
120 Défunts Pour Une Patrie - Un Department
Easter Parade - Veedtharm Morgan Fisher
Mixture/Kitchen/Theatre - Mixed Band Philanthropist
Dance Up A Storm... - Let's Have Healthy Children
Labertino - Victor Nubla
Boxer Versus Wrestlers - Officer!
Another Insanity - Human Flesh
Tantine - Zazou/Bongo
F.M. Creatures - Ptôse
Und Endlich Stirbt - Goebbels/Harth/Stötzner
Side 2Gargamel Chex Les - Hellebore
The Flying Eyes Part IV - The Doo Dooettes
Elenka I - Lichtenstein Lingery
It Just Ain't So (Not A Cole Porter Song Unsung By Ella) - Nurse With Wound
Oil - Madi-Diddi
O.R. v/s Metronome - Debile Menthol
Schraubenzieher - Dissidents
Ein Walzer - Dressed Up Animals
999 (Nein Nein Nein) - The Lowest Note On The Organ
Vitesse - DDAA
120 Herzschläge - Christoph Wünsch
Like A Nightingale - Malcolm
Liebe Art Bears - Reinhold Brunner

Typed in blue lettering on the heavy plastic sleeve is the tracklisting and contact information for each artist as well as the "Visual Guide" crediting those responsible for the photo slides on the insert. This insert is a 12" sized clear plastic sheet of 72 photo slides (see primary image) featuring images by Pierre-Alain Hubert, Tom Recchion, Hummel/Homeyer, Christophe Desforges, Ruggero Maggi, Harry C. Poole, Albrecht D., Walter Schmidt, Jürgen O. Olbrich, Benedict Tisa, Jupiter Larsen, Ryszard Wasko, Paul Rutkovsky, Reinhold Brunner, Pete Horobin, Edgardo Antonio Vigo, Leland Fletcher, Bakhchanyan, Vittore Baroni, Ubaldo Giacomucci, Pawel Petasz, Giovanni Fontana, B. George, Stiletto, Mario Borillo, Gabor Toth, Paul Hurst, Peter Weiss, Ilse Garnier, Baina Masquelier, Andy J. Stenhouse, Marilyn R. Rosenberg, Meyer Enz. Lexikon, and Stephen S'Soreff.

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Anonymous said...

the description sounds promising, but the file seems to be corrupted - only 8Mb and won't open

mutantsounds said...

no it's not just 8 mb ..i show that too on massmirror page and download it just to see what i get...and i get the whole file

Unknown said...

HOly Shit! This is such a great album. I remember featuring it on a radio show a couple years ago. I'm glad it got a post on Mutant Sounds....YAY!

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem as the anonymous guy above- corrupted file, 8 megs, won't open. I don't know how you got it to download correctly.

Our Eyes Are Gone said...

Hey MS! Great to see some RR stuff posted, I know most of it is still available, but would love to see more posted!

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

Anonymous said...


lashtal - thoum ash neith


Anonymous said...

i get a
Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/massmrr/public_html/s1/view_file.php on line 1

when i click the get link.

Anonymous said...

In order to get the FULL DOWNLOAD you have to use SENDSPACE within MassMirror - not Badongo.

Quazi said...

Looks like the problems with massmirror are fixed anonymous, works for me.

Anonymous said...

Great work, colegas! This blog is an obligate reference.
Saludos desde Hispania! said...

My downlaod lacked b11 "120 Herzschläge" by Christoph Wünsch. Will try again just to be sure it's not an error by me.

Looking forward to hearing this album. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Christopher - 120 Herzschläge - Christoph Wünsch is missing. I didn't get that song either. :( said...

"120 Herzschläge"is missing from the new download as well.

aethr said...

The link points to a 7MB file, which is broken and seems rather small for an album like this.

Can this be reuploaded? Would be great :)

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic, haven't heard this in years.... thanks! Do you by any chance also have the "Sound Cosmodel" comp from circa the same period?

vdoandsound said...

anonymous-Sound Cosmodel can be found

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Thank you so much for the Sound Cosmodel link -- I sold my copy in the 90s and have been looking for it again for a decade now. Thanks so much!!!

56522 said...


Dieithrio said...

can you reupload it, please?