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Hermann Nitsch-Orgelkonzert 9 dec 1986 Linz,2xtape,1987,Germany

Hermann Nitsch (b. 1938) is an Austrian artist who works in experimental and multimedia modes. He is associated with the Vienna Actionists, and like them conceives of his art outside traditional categories of genre.
In the 1950s, Nitsch conceived of the Orgien Mysterien Theater (which roughly translates as Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries), staging nearly 100 performances between the years of 1962 and 1998. These ritualistic performance actions, often included staged crucifixions and animal slaughter, incorporating other ritualistic actions as well as music and dance.
Nitch juxtaposes slaughtered animal intestines with quasi-religious icons, satirizing and questioning the moral ethics of atavistic religion and sacrifice.
His abstract splatter paintings also establish a controlled violence theme, using bright reds, maroons, and pale greys that communicate organic mutilation.
By 1995, Nitsch had been sufficiently embraced by the establishment that the Vienna State Opera invited him to direct and design the sets and costumes for Jules Massenet's opera "Herodiade."
In 1998, Nitsch staged his 100th performance (named the 6-Day Play after its length) which took place at his castle in Austria, Schloss Prinzendorf. Nitsch considered this performance his pinnacle. In 2004, he held an abbreviated (2-day) version of the work. He continues to publish articles and release CDs.
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Great spooky soundtrack to nightmares.Wish i could find a dvd of his performances.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this!
can i ask please if you might have the very rare collaboration between dieter roth and arnulf rainer? i know there was an lp but also perhaps a rare 7"

very curious to hear these two sound works

many thanks

Marc said...

Actually, there is a new DVD - CD set + book available from Forced Exposure - apparently the DVD contains 4 hours of documentation of Nitsch's performances. I have yet to check it out...

the pricetag is hefty though - just over $100


Marc Couroux

Keetja Allard said...

hey, there's a good library of Vienna ACtionists films/performances posted on Ubuweb (a great archive in case you haven't perused it before):

Anonymous said...

Both files seem to be corrupted - please repost?