Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yen Pox-st.tape,1993,USA

Dark ambient droners Yen Pox present here a soundtrack for the wake of the dead.Drilling scary dark landscapes creating a nightmarish atmosphere.Band with connections to Veil Of Secrecy and Bloodbox relesed this tape in just 100 copies through their own label.

"Music for nibbling at the dead"
~ Daniel Plunkett - ND Magazine

"Absolutely amazing extended subterranean darkness...."
~ Eric Lanzillotta - Anomalous Records

NOTE: link removed as this has recently been reissued by Malignant Records.


Anonymous said...

this IS a great tape!! I'm glad I own a copy, and recommend it to anyone who likes darkambient. this is one of the best in the genre.
do any of you mutants have any cassettes by Drift? (Slaughter Productions, Italy) Another GREAT purveyor of this style and impossible to find anywhere.
thanks for all the great music that I'd otherwise never get to hear.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lost in the woods, without light, with a horde of crowes flying around me, and listening this record... i'm dead!
Very spooky, obscure, awesome...


Malsonus said...

This Yen Pox S/T tape has recently been issued on Malignant Records as part of an AMAZING two disc version of "Blood Music." The tape has been totally remixed by the band and sounds absolutely perfect. The release comes with bonus / unreleased material and totally killer oversize packaging as well. You can get it over at