Sunday, July 29, 2007


If you can begin to wrap your head around the idea of a fusion of Relayer-era Yes, The latter day Magic Band (especially Ice Cream For Crow) and Butthole Surfers circa Hairway To Steven, you'll begin to comprehend what this acidically brainburning Russian power trio have cooked up here on their sole release, the sickness of which is clearly suggested by the title, which translates to "A Liturgy Of Madness". Working it's way up to some of the most beautiful, baffling and unaccountably emotionally wrenching musical conflagrations I've yet encountered, the elastic yet precision tooled rhythm section (worthy of Guru Guru) masterfully undergirds maneuvers of distended guitar eloquence that flame, squeal, whinny and howl in a way that's very Glenn Phillips as well, come to think of it. Almost beyond imagining.

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ommyth said...

The last four years of Russian language classes finally comes in handy (outside of Russia, that is!) - idiomatic quibbling notwithstanding, the translated tracklist is as follows:

Side 1

01 Alienation
02 Wild Dogs in Captivity
03 Reflections of...
04 In Waves of Desire
05 Apogee

Side 2

06 Exile of Demons
07 Plunging into a Dream
08 Crying of the Wandering Maiden
09 Mental Spasms
10 Fetters of Glory
11 Away from These Places
12 Exile of Demons
13 Catharsis



vdoandsound said...

Tom-Man! Thanks for that....mucho appreciated!

fuzztunnel said...

Wow, this is fantastic. FANTASTIC. How the hell do you put together music like this?