Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Following my posts of several other titles by this beserk Boredoms offshoot, here's their long unavailable debut missive. Interestingly, this presages some of the more constructivist developments that Yamamoto would later apply as The Boredoms constrained the dementia into more digestible packets starting with Pop Tatari. This is not to suggest that there's any shortage of synapse frazzling spazz attacks at hand. Far from it. But in typical Omoide Hatoba fashion, the post punk shitfits are playing footsie with the psychedelically sprawling in ways that stymie pigeonholing as much as they do rational thought when in it's destabilizing presence.

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ajf said...

Thanks for all the Omoide Hatoba stuff!

Just FYI, I think you got the name of their 1991 album slightly wrong in your earlier post...I think it romanizes as "Suichuu Joe", not "Suichi Joe"...anyway, thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I was given a copy of that "Go" CD years ago and thought it was OK, but a bit pop and maybe lightweight--definitely not unusual.