Saturday, July 21, 2007

St. Mikael-Soul Flower,1996,2LP,Sweden

Following my previous post of ST. Mikael's lps here's another release from 1994 this time.

This double LP is the best album he ever released, but it’s his most unconventional as well. The four sides of "Soul Flower" all bear a different character: Side A is more or less the S.T: Mikael we know from previous LPs: the melancholic psychedelic singer/songwriter who records all his twisted songs on his home equipment with a skill and a passion seldom demonstrated elsewhere. Highlights here are the pounding "Godly" and the moody "Beyond the Haze". Side B is the strangest but also one of the best. ST Mikael experimented with Turkish ethnical instruments and musical style elements, resulting in the magnificent title track, the intriguing "The Titans" and the exotic, fuzzy "The Turkish Flower". Side C brings songs from one session and it shows ST Mikael in a very emotional, spiritual mood; he sings and plays his songs with the intensity of a young Tim Buckley. Highlights here are the long, semi-instrumental "Moving...Together" and the elegant "She Came With The Spring". Side D only features two tracks; the dreamy, soft "The Night Stars" and "Summer In My Life", a long jam (filling almost the entire side) recorded in the In Deep-studio with backing by Adam Axelzon and other friends. All of this resulted in an utterly stoned, mind lifting instrumentation with layers of exotic percussion, sitars going overdrive, spacy keyboards and burning guitar lines, an absolute best on an album full of high-quality psychedelics. ST Mikael proved once again to be a gifted songwriter and an unconventional performer with a very personal ear for acoustics and an emotional honesty seldom seen these days.
More to come pretty soon.
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the.bricoleur said...


Is anyone having problem unpacking part 2? I have tried Stuffit Deluxe 9, 10 and 11 and all fail. I have downloaded it twice (from different hosts).



Anonymous said...

if you support the artist, as you say, you could at least post a link to his website were you lifted the material:

mutantsounds said...

If you were clever enough anonymous and not just want to be offensive and spill your poison you should have seen that the link you mentioned is already mentioned in the other posts(linked here) of St.Mikael's works

Anonymous said...

what poison and what offense? you seem to be in a hostile and trigger happy mood mutant. i suggest you chill and feel better. your mind can be a wonderful place. glad to hear you and others dig our recordings here on mutant-sounds! they are all available to purchase as mp3s

Anonymous said...

cmon now we are all good people here no need to agitate one another! thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

good to see artists sticking up for themselves... :)

maybe repress the vinyl Sub Sounds?