Thursday, July 26, 2007

Double Leopards-Soulless Dust, Speed and Strength,CDR,2002,USA

Following my previous post of Double Leopards 1st effort here comes their 3rd selfreleased CDr limited to 100 copies.

get it here


Anonymous said...

More Double Leopards??

Why, yes, thanks.

Requesting please if possible:
Hototogisu's Cuckoo Cloudland (yes, a longshot). Also, Vibracathedral's great big Qbico U-Nite in Bruxelles II would be smashingly smashing.

Thanks lots,

Anonymous said...

Yes! Incredible! Thank you so much for this rare gem... not to mention the entire blog!

Long live Mutant Sounds!

Anonymous said...

I've been living at Mutant Sounds lately. Thanks for all the great uploads

This might seem like an obvious one, but does anyone have Halve Maen by Double Leopards. I can't find it anywhere.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, you can't have been looking very hard - halve maen is still available to buy from Volcanic Tongue:

Anonymous said...

please forgive my oversight.