Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pelt-For Michael Hannahs ,CDr,1997,USA

Pelt is an extended experimental “raga” rock project by the blues guitarist Jack Rose
Jack Rose is a talented American blues rock guitarist which in parallel of his solo albums has released several items for an experimental, minimalist eastern tinged raga inspired project named Pelt. In this production, the acoustic, folk side of his musical background is orientated to unconventional, highly mystical experiences released with the help of traditional instruments as acoustic modal guitar, bowed strings, cello, bowed metal and addition of amplified sounds. In this adventure, Jack Rose is accompanied by three others musicians whose Mike Gangloss, Pat Best and Skipp James Connell. The quartet explores the universe of suspended "drones", the meditative density of eastern classical music and post rock. They provide a rather luminous, static and cinematic extended exploration throw infinite time. Pelt has published their first "classic" double album in 1996, called "Brown Cyclopedia". After that they have recorded the free form Burning/Filament/Rockets in 1996, then "Max Meadows", recognised for its great sense of diversity (a mix of Eastern raga, psychedelic rock and "world")… "Empty Bell Ringing In The Sky" marks their most psychedelic effort with freak out epic tunes. "Ayahuasca" ( 2001) is dedicated to the acoustic guitarist John Fahey. It features fingerstyle over ecstatic raga accompaniments. Published in 2003, "Pearls from the River" is an other exploration throw acoustic folk, monochord & calming raga sonorities.A completely hypnotic musical trip and a must have for fans of Faust, Ravi Shankar, John Fahey, Third Ear Band.
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This was a very limited release made up for the completed Pelt 1997 US tour.Nice droning music with acoustic instruments mostly,very meditative and eastern influenced.

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Anonymous said...

I think this one is available at emusic.

Cellar said...

i have more of these guys, and i can send some your way if you want?
Its a very rare tour CD of theirs.

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