Friday, July 27, 2007

Matthew De Gennaro-Under The Sun,CD-R,2002+5,CD-R,2003,N.Zealand

Here are 2 excellent recordings of dark psych/folk by the genious Matthew De Gennaro.

Matthew De Gennaro : Under The Sun
This is the second private release of 50 only by Matti, played on archtop guitar, tape, accordion, chimes, drum, percussion, amplifier, clavioline, mouth organ, automaton, violin, aeolian harp, viola da gamba, piano and voice.
It’s a quietly evolving release. The first track, “Arrow Bold” has a carpet of fingerpicking guitar with stitches of textures from overtone sounds, from lighter to somewhat more saturated airy colours. On “Organ” there are chimes and organ droning or filling up the surrounding space, satturating in colours. “Ravenwood” is a short edit inbetween live recording improvisation with viola de gamba and a bass string. “Bells” starts with a loop of a bell sound with its overtone droning, then spotlights the musician, improvising loosely with guitar and voice, depressed in a dark kitchen, with the windows open, with background noises. “Heartstrings” on acoustic guitar with guitar overtone drones fills up spacey areas again. “Back of Beyond" is a concluding track with fingerpicking acoustic guitar, and an experimental texturing picking nstrument, with accordion and organ, and a few other instruments on the back, guiding the essence. This whole CD works like a soundtrack, describing a detailed environment.
Matthew De Gennaro : "5"
This third release is in fact very different. It is much more focused on the acoustic guitar fingerpicking (with some 'fantazias') and has some folk flavour too. I hear some instruments (organ/pipe like) that contribute to this sphere. The acoustic guitar becomes like a description of wood and a tree in nature, while the other instruments work like grass, flowers or birds, the environment, that makes the vision on the tree more beautiful and full. Matts' voice humming is nothing but another instrument, amongst the others, while the fingerpicking itself describes the real picture. ..“Day after Tomorrow” uses some part of a loop, but especially the one before last track “Hennig Christiansen” is a bit different with a family-noises-like environment-like loop mixed with some organ.* In some way this still is equally descriptive and sweet.. Last track is a very good and structured conclusion with some fingerpicking, an organ part and some song words. Very nice.

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