Monday, July 16, 2007

Heute-Noch ist Polen nicht verloren,tape,1983,Germany

Here's another minimal synth/NDW gem released in 1983 on tape through Intoleranz label.

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Josef said...

Thank you so much !

There is no chance of you also having the co-mix 1983 cassette? Also an intoleranz release, i really love their track irrwitz on kassettentäter.

Anonymous said...

interesting sound on this one. does anybody know what city in Germany this band or guy was from?

I think after a few more listens I will be really enjoying this tape very much. thanks mutantsounds!


Anonymous said...

Heute were from Reutlingen and are members of the amazing band "der Kunftige Musikant".

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million for the fantastic releases.
Please, consider coming up more often with artists such as Morton Feldman, Claude Vivier, Olga Neuwirth, Beat Furrer, Salvatore Sciarrino, Gérard Grisey, Giacinto Scelsi, Luigi Nono and the like.
I bet you'd be surprised with the warm reception they would get among the admirers of this great blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this blog is absolutly A+++++

And it still surprises me, didn't expect to find "heute" here. A few details: G.A.W (Georg Alfred Wittner) and Rolf Schobert (Der Musikant) had their roots in Reutlingen being part of the "Familie Hesselbach" fanblock, they both moved to Stuttgart in 82 we're they are still located. They still perform unregulary, last gig was at the "Mos Eisley" bout a year ago. I'm not sure if there was a release by "Der lustige Musikant" but Rolf always did minimal Synth solostuff labeled as "Der Musikant".

Anonymous said...

Liebe Musikfreunde,

es grüsst euch herzlichst aus dem Süden Deutschlands HEUTE. Wir bedanken uns bei all denen, die uns gestern am 12.10.07 bei unserem jährlichen Musikabend in Stuttgart im Cafe NIL ihre Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt haben und freuen uns euch auch im kommenden jahr wieder begrüßen zu dürfen.