Friday, July 27, 2007

S.T. Mikael-The Unknown,1991,LP,Sweden

Here's one more gem of the great S.T. Mikael,actually his 2nd release.
"Real disturbed garagy psych with his tormented vocals, guitars and a total homemade obscure vibe to it...tremendous acid bird cover painting. -Gregg Breth, USA.Fantastic Swedish of the best of the last year!" - A Trip With Mushrooms, Netherlands

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Get it here  


MIKKseria said...

hi, you have a great operation blog
keep up the holly work!

wonder if you have
storung - this is future (1982)

tnx alot!

Anonymous said...

I have a question about xotic mind artist Adam Axelson: he did other material after EURA and WELCOME BACK?
I mean, also in other obscure svedish
what a beautiful blog!!

Anonymous said...

Nice surprise to find this - thank you!!!!