Sunday, July 22, 2007


Part of a handful of Neue Deutsche Welle and minimal synth-inspired German units of a particularly nasty, cheap and video-game-y sort that emerged around the turn of the century (Brandstifter and Yppasswwd Daemons being a couple of others) all waving the flag for 8 bit sound and old school doink. Sounds like a plan to me and Heimcomputer 80 (particularly on this debut CD EP) get a lot of pleasurable traction out of their simultaneously stripped and overloaded Pong blurt formula.

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AMP said...

I can't find the words to express how grateful I am for your beautiful and prolific posts! Thanks so much for the good works that you do. I love to freak out my little brother with certain mutant sounds selections. He loves the 8-bit video game electro style, so I'm thinking he's gonna dig this from the looks of it. Thanks again!!!

AMP said...

Also I need to apologize that I've been digging in your blog for the past 1.5 months or so and have just now left you comments. I didn't really understand until I started contributing to my bro's blog. I'm now resolved to always leave comments wherever I go. Thanks!