Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Corsican Paintbrush-Lichens & Moss,CD-R,2005,USA

Corsican Paintbrush was officially formed in the late spring of 2004, driving down the highway on the way out of the city. this project consists of brad rose (the north sea, the golden oaks, etc) and eden hemming rose (wax ghost, the cone bearers, etc). corsican paintbrush became the replacement for the ill-conceived duo-project, winter in prague. the latter concept was never that great and we decided we needed something different; something less constrictive. the name comes from the combination of two things on our mind that day. one) corsican mint. eden had just planted some in our balcony-garden, and we found it enthralling. two) the official state wildflower of oklahoma was in full-bloom on that drive: indian paintbrush. between indian mint and corsican paintbrush, the latter won out and there was joy. recording got underway immediately, however stalled in the thick hot air of the oklahoma summer. portions of the initial release, "lichens & moss," were recorded that summer, but it wasn't until a semi-drunken new year's eve that the sessions were finished. the result was a sparse forest clattering through a mythic haze. as 2005 transpires, new projects are underway... interest has grown in the project and the first edition of the debut cd-r (an edition of 55 copies) is withering away to dust. we move forward and we walk amongst the trees, smiling with the sun...

Instruments used: guitar, glockenspiel, piano, melodica, bouzouki, oud, keyboard, bells, nutshell rattle, seed pods, cardboard boxes, pennywhistle, tapes, recorder, train whistle, maracas, and clay pot.
From Digital Industries website

Combining lush instrumentation with clattering percussion and ramshackle beats, Corsican Paintbrush creates a new world of sound out of old world technology.Corsican Paintbrush paints an engrossing picture of a folk music never before encountered, and it does so with broad and yet delicate swaths of color and texture. Just don't call this sound New Age or Ethnic Folk, it digs deeper and broader than that, sounding at times like a piece from the richly diverse Sublime Frequencies collection, and at other times like a death march across the desert, carried on the back of the Sunburned Hand of the Man. Swerving feverishly between what could easily be chopped up Native American rhythms, sampled Celtic melodies, andspace-age funk played on trash heaps, the music of Corsican Paintbrush is actually all of this and none of it.

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