Monday, July 23, 2007

DET WIEHL-8782, CD, 1993 (RECORDED: 1982-1987), NETHERLANDS

This archival disc of manic mangled post punk experimentation was released by Frans De Waard (Kapotte Muzik, Beequeen, Goem) on his KiP imprint and sits at a decidedly odd right angle to the more austere sound art he's otherwise more known for issuing, Det Wiehl's barbed and somewhat forbidding approach positing a form of Metabolist-like art menace thats very heady indeed.

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Anonymous said...

well, you wish. this was not 'one of my first releases'. I established korm plastics in 1984 and this from 1993 - and oh i did release some things, such as the blackhumour lp you posted a while back. On the KIP imprint you'll find more odd stuff, such as ambient techno by species of fishes or modern classical stuff by osso exotico. funny you have this, since it was a really poor seller, great work though. det wiehl came from tox modell actually..

vdoandsound said...

Frans-Sorry for the confusion. I was basing my comment on the catalog number for Det Wiehl (Kip-003) and confusing that with Korm Plastics, as I knew you were behind this release but was actually unaware until you pointed it out just now that this wasn't even specifically *on* Korm, but a sub-label of Korm that I didn't even know of the existence of before this. I'll now modify the text of the post to reflect this.