Saturday, July 14, 2007


Whether recording as J. Lachen, Lach'n Jonsson or with his groups Ur Kaos and Zut Un Feu Rouge, musical projects involving
Sweden's Lars Jonsson are always extraordinary affairs, his doomy R.I.O. steeped musical ethos offering a fascinating counterpoint to the much more recognized R.I.O. manifestations of his countrymen in Samla Mammas Manna, who's joyous soundworld stands in stark contrast to Jonsson's doings. Having said all that, the music of Zut Un Feu Rouge represents perhaps the least fevered dimension of any of Jonsson's varied musical universes, the angular horn driven arrangements here at times calling to mind Germany's The Blech; the sound at other times glancing off post-Etron Fou Leloublan units like Art Moulu and Gestalt Et Jive. Masterful.

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Anonymous said...

This is really really good, much better than expected. You just come up with album after album by people I've never even heard of. "Zut Un Feu Rouge," you won't find this in any used records shops in the southern US. The Bible thumpers and the rednecks would be "afreud" of anything so idiosyncratic. Got to watch your manners, you know?

Anonymous said...

excellent stuff, never heard of Zut.. myself. Have they done anything else musicwise?..
any other albums of them to share?.
thanks for the music.

Anonymous said...

Thans for this one, it's amazing that "Zut Un Feu Rouge" can be translated from french to english as "Oh Shit ! Traffic light turning red !" ;))


Anonymous said...


Some time ago you promised to upload something by Ur Kaos (one of the LPs). I would still be interested!



Anonymous said...

Just got lossless rip of cd Zut Un Feu Rouge - Explain This Country containing nearly all material by the band! extraordionary avant/RIO stuff

Unknown said...

After hearing "Music For the Dying Forest" I am going to try and track down everything Lars Jonsson was involved in. I love stumbling upon lost geniuses! Thanks for posting this important music!