Sunday, July 29, 2007


With a line-up featuring Conrad Schnitzler (partly recorded at his Con Studio) and minimal synth figurehead Mark Lane, this is a rather unusual and auspicious outing for this long lived Dutch post-industrial unit. Much more watery and synthy than most of their recorded canon, these languid sound-morphs ambiguously unfurl in drifts through which slither flits of Michael Otto's bassoon in an atmosphere only really comparable to the more kosmiche-directed output of De Fabriek's sister project Narwal. Perfect 5 AM drift off material, methinks.

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bored at work said...

Not only is this music quite comparable to Narwal, but the Narwal LP reprises a motif that first appears on this album. Compare the 8:00 mark on Labish's "Narvana's Polytelis..." track to the 17:30 mark on Narwal's "Ademtocht."