Sunday, July 1, 2007

The 012- Let's Get Professional ,LP,1984,UK

Talking about weirdness in my previous post i mentioned the 012s.So here's their only LP.The band along with the hippy punkies Here and Now established in the late 70s the cassete label Fuck Off.They appeared in the compilations Weird Noise,We couldn't agree on a title,Angst in my Pants.Weird Pere Ubu-ish post punk weirdness.The band later transformed to World Domination Enterprises.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this!
This is great music & a huge part of my adolescence. PLEASE, if you can, post more Fuck Off stuff, e.g. DANNY & THE DRESSMAKERS 30 GOLDEN GRATES & 2OO CANCELLATIONS, the 012 THE WHITE PATTERNS ON HER DRESS (which includes an AMAZING version of THE AGE OF AQUARIUS!, anything by THE SELL-OUTS & the brilliant compilations FOLK IN HELL & the vinyl WEIRD NOISE EP which includes the brilliant 012 track FISH FROM TAHITI, not forgetting the legendary tape by THE TEEN VAMPIRES which consists mostly of an argument between 2 of the band! Everything on Fuck Off is fantastic! None of this sublime music will ever be please post whatever you can! Cheers!


I have Mutant Sounds on my favourites but haven't left a comment until now, despite some excellent posts (lol coxhill & welfare state most recently). But discovering a previous incarnation of World Domination Enterprises was fantastic and has made my week, I didn't know such a band existed. Many thanks for this, as well as the two Fuck Off comps, which feature three brilliant cover versions by the same band. To take a song like '9 to 5' and make it sound like that is quite remarkable. I really don't understand why this band has been erased from music history - they were a band with a real originality.
You don't happen to have any other of the F.O. catalogue as mentioned above, do you?
Anyone intested in this should have a look at World Dom's Hotsy Girl vid on Youtube.

whatcouldpossiblygowrongnow said...

Thanks for posting this - I didn't think I'd ever hear it again. I used to live in London for a while and with a band and we used to go over to a squat in hammersmith (I think). There was as guy (Keith, or Allen) that we used to see - he made a kind of weird london taxi with wings, and I think that's where I first heard the 012. Anyway thanks again, rob

ken edge said...

Please re-re-up!! Thanks!