Friday, July 27, 2007


The ominous and riveting 23 minutes of otherwise unavailable (amazingly, seemingly to this day) material by French R.I.O. monsters Art Zoyd that comprises the first third of this three-way split CD dates from the post-Berlin era of their work (specifically the period between Nosferatu and Marathonnerre), with the synths and sampling that began significantly augmenting their chamber rock approach from this period onward affording their music a different sort of solemn gravity from their more acoustic based (if no less astringent) earlier work. Wish I could say I was more jazzed about the remainder of the discs contents, but both Jon Hassell and Butch Morris collaborator J.A. Deane and Jeff Greinke are ploughing similar furrows of ethno-synthiness that'd probably work effectively as Discovery Channel soundbeds, but are rather outside my personal musical remit. Any release containing 23 odd minutes of otherwise unavailable Art Zoyd pretty much sells itself though, methinks.

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Anonymous said...

I have everything AZ has ever put out, so you will understand when I say that this is the last of the classic period Zoyd material. While their newer material is interesting, nothing compares with their output up to Berlin (and including these two pieces).

Lots of excellent early AZ material has recently appeared on our favorite live recording site recently, as well.

Anonymous said...

actually, as a fan of Jeff Greinke, I'm looking forwards to hearing his contributions.

I guess there's little chance of his Cities in Fog appearing here :-(


Anonymous said...

the art zoyd is great!!! you have so many esoteric albums and music on here, it's amazing. i don't know where you've heard about all of this, but evidently you've been reading and exporing music since you were very young. back to the zoyd, i wasn't expecting much, but actually i enjoy what i've heard so far over univers zero (except the uzed cd)--that may change over time as well, so continued finding obscure gems, you rock in all the write-ups as well, very, very entertaininig...very. thanks ;)