Monday, July 16, 2007

Quarteto 1111-A Lenda do Quarteto 1111,CD,1993,Portugal

Quarteto 1111 was a band that featured Portugal's pop star José Cid. This group got started in the late '60s, and weren't exactly the darling of the Salazar regime as a lot of their music was banned outright during that time. By 1974, the second dictator, Marcello Caetano was ousted, and the following year, Quarteto 1111 recorded their final album together, called Onde, Quando, Como, Porquê Cantamos Pessoas Vivas, released on the Decca label. It also marked José Cid's first outing into progressive rock. Since Portugal never had much of a prog rock scene to begin with, he's considered the granddaddy of Portuguese prog rock (as well as pop in that country in general).
This CD is a collection of their e.p. s.

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Anonymous said...

Great Music! Thank you!

Ian said...

track two seems to be missing.

aldo said...

That's right track 2 is missing... I just discovered this post even though I visited this blog a couple of times before..
really enjoyed this, i knew their album (recently posted here)...had a quick look on the web and there's more stuff out now compiling their stuff...this same one but with 20 tracks and another more comprehensive one.

Unknown said...

Hey MutantSounds.
José Cid is now seen in Portugal more as a Pop and Pimba Icon (Pimba is the worst of the worst musically) than as a Prog master. And it is quite apparent if you just listen to his work after this.
Great Blog!