Thursday, March 1, 2007


The first of two requested Nord LP's, L.S.D. features rough hewn sheets of ominous yet trippy pulsating textural electronics with an obvious debt to the stark teutonic soundworlds of Kluster and (especially) Seesselberg. Any glimmers of transcendence are immediately offset by a deadzone ambience that reeks of Maurizio Bianchi. Hiroshi Oikawa's solo explorations of the galactic void seem considerably more enticing to these set of ears than the more formalized quotidian post-industrial constructs he was fabricating under the Nord moniker with Satoshi Katayama on their Pinakotheca label debut LP from three years earlier. If this is cosmic, than it's the cosmos as viewed from the vantage point of a burned out cinder drifting into entropy. Gripping stuff!

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! I´ve been looking for this for ages!

Anonymous said...

This album ROCKS!!
Thanks for posting it, and everything else.


Anonymous said...

Excellent - been wanting to hear this for ages.

Thanks for all your great posts!