Thursday, March 8, 2007


Prog with a quivering acid edge is always such a sexy thing. From Kingdom Come to Aphrodite's Child to Second Hand, it's a rich and varied seam of wonderment and Quebec had a strong tradition of it all it's own. Dervieux (who was to pass away shortly after this recording) and his crew of musicians (including the incredible guitarist Yves Laferriere, who's own eponymous album is quietly devastating) are however operating at a slightly different angle from fellow Quebecois acidheads Dionne/Bregent, L'Infonie or Peloqiuinsauvageau and one that finds some parallel in Van Der Graaf Generator during their most pensive and/or atmospheric moments. Christiane Robichaud's feverish and utterly distinct erotically moaning vocals (a style she would gloriously run for the hills with in Contraction) complete the picture in a way that pushes everything to a profound emotional peak in the same way as, say, Sonja Kristina does for Curved Air. A holy grail.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this one. they have a really beautiful sound. really produced well. definitely similar sound to Curved Air but less annoying.


edison007 said...

dude, i was sleeping on this post because i had bever heard of these cats...but this shit is sick!


fuzztunnel said...

Wonderful. Must buy.

Kaeweezy said...

Easily one of my top 10 favorite prog LP's ever. to the point that I've got 3 copies. Superb. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

sssssssssssseriously dope!!!

nice to get a bit more christiane robichaud, i have had la bourse ou la vie on heavy rotation since getting it, i shall defo be checking out more of this gangs wears, another mutant banger!!!


dr zoots