Thursday, March 1, 2007


This impossibly great and rare tape (for which I'm missing the booklet, so no idea about titles, alas) is one of the ultimate Severed Heads collectables. I'll quote their discography page on some of the specifics:

"Packaged with a 7" (not by the band) spray-painted silver (hence unplayable) and a children's book. Andrew Foster-Jones on vocals, Lyn on bass and guitar and ex-Severed Head Paul Deering on synth/rhythm tape/guitar. Tom Ellard and Garry Bradbury also helped out.

Tom Ellard believes they also recorded a side of a shared tape released by 2MBS-FM."

If someone played this for me without introduction, put a gun to my head and asked if this was Severed Heads or not, there wouldn't be a moments hesitation. It's that close. And considering that I want to have Tom Ellard's and Garry Bradbury's babies, that bit of info is nothing to sneeze at, methinks.

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Electric Voodoo said...

I love this record!

Anonymous said...

here is the track listing from my copy of shindi shimae
a side:
b side:
by the way,if you like this stuff,you should check out ian andrews tapes under the names
kurt volentine,cut with the kitchen knife,the horse he's sick.
i have copies,but i don't have posting ability.

vdoandsound said... absolutely rule for that! And thanks for the recommendations. I recognize the name The Horse He's Sick from the 80's cassette network days. So much forgotten stuff from that universe/that time. In return, I'd recommend the tapes of Croiners from the same period. Very Severed Heads-y....

Anonymous said...

yep,i remember copy of tom ellard's 80's cheesecake seems very different from the sev's re-release,much more loop based material.also another gem is "transmission:impossible" a live broadcast on 2mbs fm sydney.this is ina andrews,gary bradbury & john jacobs.being an old aussie,i have a lot of tapes from the time including the full 2mbsfm sev heads "nothing on 45" broadcast.i have been digging around to see if i can find any more G.B.T.Y.P.W.A.S stuff,i am working on posting some of these tapes.if not,i can work some other way with interested peoples.
have fun,

vdoandsound said...

Marcusholst-As a total Severed heads diehard (to say nothing of being a huge fan of the whole Aussie underground of the period), I must admit to being absolutely stunned by your comments. Any of these Severed Heads (and SH-related) rarities you mention would be incredibly welcome and I would post them here immediately. That would potentially be the case with any number of other Aussie underground obscurities that you might dredge up as well. Many thanks for letting me know about this. You can contact me at to discuss this further...

Unknown said...

Hi there, nice to see "Transmission Impossible" mentioned. I am still collaging. My radio show is The Night Air on ABC Radio National. We have an unofficial blog where we're stashing downloads at:
Cheerio John Jacobs AKA SwSw ThrghT

Arvo said...

I have a twenty year old cassette of "Clifford Please Don't Live In The Past" and I'd like that if someone wants to post it.

Otherwise I'll be forced to post my old gnarled copy of it if it still works by then.

_ said...

when did this come out then? the severed heads discography page seems to have gone awol.

amodern_man said...

So how do I get hold of the other Aussie tapes mentioned above? I'm a Brit and bought up all of the Severed Heads vinyl releases on the British Ink Records label way back. I'd love to pick up more of the Aussie underground stuff and could really use a primer. And the track list provided above doesn't seem to correspond with the tracks, there would seem to be too many tracks on the list. AMAZING post. *swoons*

Anonymous said...

The history is all wrong and the recordings shouldn't be posted unless the main maker wants it so. There were six different covers for the original release, all equally good and they seem to have had a lasting influence. The children's book is a book by a woman who was a child at the time she made it (and was gracious enough to allow its use), so it isn't a children's book in the usual sense.

The main maker is also not impressed at all by the downloads (which shouldn't be there in the 1st place) being on a site that tries to dump spyware on people.

Anonymous said...

The *main maker* is also shocked by your incorrect attributions, presumptions, and comments, in the presumption you show in just posting the files without permission, and in the lack of reply to a comment that one of the people responsible must have read for it to become a comment.

vdoandsound said...

mainmakerofthis-Okay...I'm very confused here. Is this in fact Paul Deering or one of the other artists involved in the making of this tape that is leaving these comments? If it is, than it was certainly not at all clear from the first of your two comments. Ordinarily, when an artist finds his work shared in our venue and decides that they feel it's inappropriate too share it, they simply identify themselves as the artist in question and say, "please take it down".

Please do let me know if this is in fact the case and I wil remove the link, as I had thought that, given the way your first comment was phrased and the completely unfounded comments about spyware included in it that it was actually a message from some random crank.

Unknown said...

Good to see a discussion around correct attribution, I am all for that. but I am also very glad that great but obscure art like this is being made available, long live the creative commons! Cheers john Jacobs

Anonymous said...

Clearing up a misconception, most of this is by one person, but five others had important parts. Only that one person was a 'member' of SHs and regrets it to this day.
The others
One is only on a single track here, but that is part of a thirty minute tape of similar material, also good and primitive, and never released. Two are on the live electronic performance. Another did most of the drum tracks on the live bit of the tape, also part of a longer performance. I did the rest of the drum tracks, including the one right at the start of the part on the tape.
@marcusholst: The track listing is correct but doesn't match the order in your post without permission.
@vdoandsound: Yes, I did what you said but on Mediafire, which sure looks like it sells anti-spyware software by hosting spyware.
Also, be careful what you wish for, the genes would make monsters.
@Richard Grant: Whether you are talking about the 'unofficial' page or the official page, I'd love it if the whole thing had gone AWOL, with the amount of lies and defamation directed this way and hosted by both.
@Patch Wrangler: Yes, you helped with provision of a four-track studio for mixing down two or three of the four-track + electronics bits, and I remain grateful for that. I could say a lot more and you seem to have posted your email address, but I can't work it out. Also, I'd prefer if this is not on the Radio National site; it is not under Creative Commons. Interestingly, neither is Lessig's book.
Don't forget, trust-fund baby has always been very aggressive about never passing a cent my way, although it would be no big pain to him and he is still selling work I was involved in (even from a tape he claimed to have wiped).

Anonymous said...

hello, any chance to re-open this file? the actual link doesn't work...

Anonymous said...

Invalid File. This error has been forwarded to MediaFire's development team.

the link still doesn't work... any chance to relist this file?

Anonymous said...

in reference to this:
@marcusholst: The track listing is correct but doesn't match the order in your post without permission.

i'd like to point out that i did not upload the shindi tape

i also find it a bit sad that you'd rather the tape remain in obscurity,but that,of course,is your right,
take it easy

Anonymous said...

Aww could someone please re-up this?

jan woo said...

yes please reupload this one--dying to hear it! respect!

Unknown said...

Please re-upload this. Thank you very much.

Salaried Man said...

Any chance for a re-up? Thanks you kindly. Also looking for The Horse, He's Sick - The Pulp.

Continued gratitude...

_ said...

i lost my copy, guess it will never be uploaded. mainmakerofthis has me very intrigued by all his remarks... being a big fan, but never having met any of the musicians, i didn't know there was all this dirt in SH history!