Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Very obscure post punk from Sweden ,yet very nice ...recommented!
No infos found in English,so any infos will be appreciated.
get it here


Anonymous said...

Formed in Uppsala '79/'80. Big Siouxsie rip-off's at start, but then went arty pop.

This their only album was actually recorded after they've split up, so they reformed with a new guitarist and drummer and then split up again.

The first guitar then bass player, Jan Svenungsson, is these days an established artist:

The two new members in the second line-up later formed Webstrarna, a pop group which had some chart success in Sweden.

The singeress recorded some backing vocals for the Swedish group Kai Martin & Stick! in '83, but that was the last she commited to vinyl. She lives an ordinairy life in the west parts of Sweden these days.

Sybil said...

anyway you can reupload?