Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Eugene Bowen - Bourgeois Magnetic,MLP,1981,USA

This is a seriuosly dope record.for those who are into the rough trade lbl,post punk/new wave stuff, i really, really suggest this lp!!Mainly this is a modern compositions by this cat,but..the flip is fucking bonkers!!Title track(in parts a-b segmentation)is kind of tuxedo moon-ish,80's madness.
One of the very first and unknown appearances of Harold Budd in this album.

"Systematic perception of a structural analysis ends the phase of a dynasty, it cushions the color. Orientational emotion is a cultural cosmetic. in the phase of a dynasty it cushions the color. Concrete analysis, concrete reality "

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The Herbalist said...


I have this in vynil and I had been thinking of riping it, just for the sake of listening to it after all these years... It is a trully forgotten album...

By the way..it is me Jaimeantonio AKA The Herbalist, friend and collaborator of Ogam Gnomegang.We'll have new material coming out soon...!

See you.
You have the best blog on this or any other parallel universe...

M— said...

Link's gone, alas.

- Samsa

Permanent Records said...

If anybody knows how to get in touch with Eugene Bowen, please drop me a line at permanentwax (at) gmail (dot) com.