Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Following my post of their debut "Nouvelle Cuisine" a few days back, here's their eponymous double LP follow-up, with their line-up now pared back to a power trio of Alfred Harth (Cassiber, Goebbels & Harth), Ferdinand Richard (Etron Fou Leloublan) and newly arrived master percussionist Peter Hollinger (Uludag, Les Batteries), holding the the seat formerly occupied by Anton Fier. Gone are some of the prankersterish disjuncts and sonic ruptures brought to bear by Steve Bersesford's presence in the mix on their debut; in their place a honing of the extraordinarily oblique and multi-faceted angular jams that were coalescing on Nouvelle Cuisine but reach critical mass here inside the dizzying virtuoso thickets of Chris Cutler-cum-Guigou Chenevier-style rhythmic technique kicked up by Hollinger's one man drum army.

Get LP 1 Here

Get LP 2 Here


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, what you're doing is great!!!!!!! There's really awesome albums in your page! I'm an argentinian writer living in Paris and what I discover here is very good for my inspiration, I listen to these albums while writing my next novel, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greetings from a room in Paris

Anonymous said...

thanks for both the 'gestalt et jive' LP's and thanks for the mirror links

if you have any of the following i would be most grateful :)

ak musick LP - same 1972 (private release)
berlin express 12" - the russians are coming 1981 (conrad schnitzler)
bizarre ko.ko.ko LP - 00 time 1984 (synoptik) austrian synth duo
desperado LP -halten aus! desperado kommt .. live! 1977 (guru guru linked band)
electra LPs - adaptionen 1976/electra 3 1979 (amiga) DDR progressive
eroc LP - zwei 1976 (brain)
geile tiere - anything !

thanks again

G*WORKS said...

Thanks a lot for sharing both GeJ outlets! Been looking for Nouvelle for some time, didn't even know there was a double album too!

Very good stuff - tho not the best with the outfit included - still very recommended and a crucial historical document of the era.

fuzztunnel said...

Great and interesting stuff, but maybe it should have been a single LP... it's a little draining to listen to this one straight through...

Anonymous said...

I have problems with the LP1: could you post it again?
Thank you for your great site!
Alessandro from Italy

Anonymous said...

yes, the lp1 seems to be broken...or there is some problem with RS.
the file is 68513 KB but the download always stops in 66908 KB, and the zip is unzippeable...

thanks A LOT by the way! LP2 is amazing!

vdoandsound said...

polina-just tested it and it downloaded and unzipped just fine for me. No idea what your issue might be.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
is there a chance you might be able to re-post this one, particularly LP2? (I recently got the first half - ie. LP1 - from another place, but the person who posted it didn't respond to comment about it being only LP1)

best wishes

Anonymous said...

just reiterating my desperate desire for LP2 of the self-titled Gestalt et Jive album. Can't get it anywhere else...
Hope all is well in mutantland!

best wishes