Thursday, August 2, 2007

Yo-Good Tidings(1984)+Charm World(1985)+Once In A Blue Moon(1986),LPs,USA

Yo were a great band with a terrific singer whose voice nevertheless annoyed a great many people. And though he meant well, their publicist seemed to annoy everyone else. So Yo were, well, widely reviled, despite 3 great 12"s. They beat the sophomore slump with Charm World, their best LP and (fortunately for you) still a bargain-bin staple. Bruce and Sally are still performing in El Sob.Onstage or in conversation, Yo displays a refreshingly down to earth attitude about life, themselves, and the music business. Based in the suburbs of the East Bay, they have with hard work and tenacity put out three self-produced albums in three years and recently have started to achieve headliner status in the clubs. A cynic's eye for the human condition paired with musical playfulness from bagpipes to sea chanteys has kept the audience growing. They are: Sally Engelfried, bass; Greg Baker, drums; the new members Paul Bayman, saxophones and clarinet; Tom Blaylock, guitars, mandolin, and banjo; and Cheap Trick fan Bruce Rayburn, lyrics, vocals, and guitar. They are the only band I've ever met who practice in an upstairs bedroom whose neighbors don't mind.
By Curt Gray and Julia Williams
Those great lost gems were posted about a year ago by me in TwilightZone blog. Links are dead and i think these should be posted here.Great "college" early 80s new wave/post punk,with much comparisons to early REM,Fleshtones,etc.,except this very exceptional voice.Anyway,for those who know these are great records.
Missing the "Charm World" cover though.
get Charm World here
get the other two here


Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys are getting pretty weak of late. This is not very good at all and hardly "mutant".

Mr Fab said...

Thanks, I fondly remember these guys from my '80s college rock days. Plenty of good tunes here.

Anonymous said...

Not weak at all. Even if it was I couldn't ever bring myself to be critical -- this place is practically a vault filled with overlooked music and I thank you. Anyway, i've been looking for these albums for ever. Thanks a lot!


Anonymous said...

"Weak of late"?!?!?

Ungrateful wretch!

Anonymous said...

i dig the elfin rock.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled into your site.Thanks for posting the album covers they look great. My voice annoys me too at times

ONECHORD said...

wow, yo records posted on your blog!

just let me tell you that mutant sound is one of the best blogs i ever seen!!! gosh, i can't believe the amount of extremely amazing music posted here :o

just righ now i saw the yo post and i went nuts!! i love "pot of gold" song so much.... and i was desperately looking for yo's records. now i will be able to listen more of them.

many many thanks for doing this AMAZING blog.

keep doing so wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

Try this link for the Yo song "Trouble Out My Window" One of the lost and last songs recorded by Yo. If doesn't work e me at

ONECHORD said...

by the way, i just forgot to ask you for a post request:

could you post (pre-yo) xmas eve ep?

many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Love and rockets, e me and I'll send you the Xmas Eve Ep songs

Anonymous said...

Mutant Sounds,

I realize I am commenting 2-1/2 years late, but fuck that guy/gal who said you were "weak". I am a long time music fan, and I thought I knew a little something about underground music. Your blog BLOWS ME AWAY, and blows a hundred other blogs away also.

I am new to these audio blogs, and Mutant Sounds was one of the first I had found, covering the essential weirdo stuff I never thought I'd run across in any digital format.

That y'all are diverse enough to have bands like YO included just enhances your already stellar reputation. Please continue following your whims and post whatever you want.

pal for life,
-'Lang 'Squal
Austin TX

Nikos said...

thanks so much for those albums

Skeennck said...

Anonymous: your "not very good" comment is weak itself... I saw Yo open for Let's Active at the Palace in Hollywood...I can still remember wanting Yo to come back on during Mitch Easter's set; Yo's set was stunning and powerful Thanks for the posts; I have these on vinyl only.

Anonymous said...

A reupload would be appreciated

John K said...

Yo are the most criminally underrated band of all time bar none. I have playing these albums over and over for 6 months now and had forgotten just how awesome they are. I think it is time for a Yo remastered/revamped/extra tracks box set to be released simultaneously with a reunion tour.... this stuff should not get lost in time... well one can dream :) - unfortunately my other dream of the MC5 reforming requires resurrections from the dead, so Yo is all I have left!!!

calico wall said...

I remember buying "Charm World" when it came out on import here in England inthe mid-80's and being moved to write to Bruce who kindly wrote back. Charm World and Once in a Blue Moon are great records.His vocals are an acquired taste but those with taste appreciate them. Power pop punk folk in excelsis. God bless YO.Shaun, London x

calico wall said...

I love YO - I remember buying "Charm World" when it came out in the mid-80's on import here in England and being knocked out and sufficiently moved to write to Bruce who kindly wrote back (ah to be 16 again!). "Charm World" and Once In A Blue Moon" are both great records and deserved wider recognition. The vocals are fine. The songs are power pop punk folk in excelsis. God bless YO.

Anonymous said...

Anyplace else to download the albums? I ripped "Once in a Blue Moon" from my album and wanted to hear the other ones.