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Som Nosso de Cada Dia-Snegs,LP,1974,Brasil

This progressive rock group has been formed in São Paulo in 1970 by multi-instrumentalist Manito (former The Clevers and Os Incríveis), Pedrinho Batera (drums/vocals) and bass player Pedrão Baldanza. With this formation they released their excellent debut "Snegs" in 1975. Then the band went through a multitude of line-up changes, launched a self-titled album in 1977, comprising mainly funk music and opened for Alice Cooper at the Maracanãzinho Festival (Rio de Janeiro). Soon after the band has been dissolved.
SOM NOSSO DE CADA DIA Nosso gained their biggest fame not so much with their two studio records but rather with their fantastic live performances. Hence it’s most probably very much rewarding to get their live CDs released later on, especially the 2 CDs set "A Procura da Essência" containing lots of unreleased material, amonst others extracts from the ambitious suite "Amazonia", that were unfortunately never recorded in studio. At times their style can be referred to Italian bands like BANCO or PFM, but their music showed as well a strong influence by American Jazz-Rock revealing some hints to English Space-Rock.
Review by hdfisch (Dieter Fischer) PROG REVIEWER
This is one of my favorite brazilian prog album. The music presented here is actually a kind of mixture of Italian symphonic prog and (south)-american jazz with some influences by English space rock. Very original in fact and it's almost impossible to give a direct reference. Manito's keyboard play is quite reminiscent of Keith Emerson, especially on "Massavilha" which is a real highlight of the album. But overall their music does not sound like ELP with portuguese vocals at all. A song like "Direccion de Aquarius" could be found as well on an album of any italian prog band. "A outra face" starts with a bit more heavy and aggressive sound with great organ play and drums then becoming bluesy, jazzy in the middle part, the type of vocals remind me a bit to early CHICAGO in fact. It finishes in a very jazzy vein with great sax playing. The CD bonus track is not really essential I've to say.It's starting in a very spacey vein reminding a bit of early HAWKWIND or some KRAUTROCK, but then changing to a quite ordinary keyboard playing like in a dancehall with some Kongas in between, there are even bits of Rock'n'Roll. Rather strange mixed medley this track. As a summary "Snegs" is an excellent recommendation for any prog collection. Just forget about the bonus track. Absolutely worth 4 stars!
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Pretty striking to see there isn't a single comment on this album because it's a WONDER. Love this album.

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very good!! Thanks !