Sunday, August 26, 2007


Following Jim's post of the truly amazing Tanzdiele LP, here's their multi-instrumentalist frontman Piet Klocke's follow-up outfit with a slightly different name and a completely different cast, though what I've gleaned from viewing translated text online suggests that both were more projects than proper bands, assembled by Klocke to help flesh out and present his work (someone please correct me if I'm wrong...). The emphasis here has shifted from the odd but precision-tooled brilliance of The Tanzdiele's synthy and pumping vision of Neue Deutsche Welle and toward something decidedly more mutant funk inflected, sax having surmounted the role one occupied by synth. For me, it's a wee bit less immediately enthralling than Klocke's original formulation, though it still fairly hot-shit NDW action, regardless.

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thanks a lot
german vocals in the dex
how bad
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