Wednesday, August 22, 2007


This is the rare self-released first CD by this current-day Magma side-project, with three quarters of the personnel at hand being members of their extant line-up. There is really nothing here to suggest that these recordings are contemporary though, with One Shot's vision of jazz rock, while admittedly rather different from the mothership's, (the zeuhl element is present, but it's position isn't central) being squarely in the classic 70's mode; the precise yet fluid style on display here, to my ears, often sounding closer to Italian jazz rock units like Perigeo or UK fusion outfits like Isotope. Very nice stuff indeed.

Note: link removed as this has been reissued under the named Reforged on Soleil Zeuhl now.


Anonymous said...

Big thx find zeuhl albums is so hard these days :)
Could it be possible to up the 2 others album "vendredi 13" & "ewaz vader".
Hf Guys this blog is exellent :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this one. I was looking for it for a long time ago.
"Vendredi 13" & "Ewaz Vader" are great but the latest Dark Shot is a bigger one.
Un chef d'oeuvre !!!

Very good blog with rare things from my own country (France) I didn't even know they existed !

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Superpoulet, you deserve this nickname: you are a chicken and an hypocrit! All the One Shot albums ARE easily available on the market so instead of whining, support the artist and BUY their records!

vdoandsound said...

Anonymous-I was unaware of the reissue of this first One Shot album (oringally long out of print when I posted it) only because it was reissued under a new title, "Reforged". The link has now been removed.