Friday, August 17, 2007

V/A-CONTEMPORARY DENSHI-ZATSUON VOL. 2, CD, 2003, USA/JAPAN won't find me posting much noise-qua-noise around these parts, but then my post of this compilation CD has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that a handful of notable noise mongers are present here and everything to do with the fact that this CD features some 16+ minutes of otherwise unavailable and wonderfully woozy live material from L.A. Free Music Society masters of the game Solid Eye, whom Koji Tano (R.I.P.) of MSBR had long promoted (and who also released a full CD of Solid Eye live material that came with a later edition of his Denshi-Zatsuon magazine which was posted here by me a while back). For the LAFMS obsessed out there, this is a must have addition.

Track listing:

Solid Eye-Live Feb. 9 1999 at The Smell Part 1
Speculum Fight-Live Oct. 22 2001 at The Smell (Electronic Puppenhorten Festival 2)
inBOIL-I Invented Electricity
inBOIL-Ditchital Itch
Incapacitants-Delete "Preferential Treatment" clause immediately
Solid Eye-Live Feb. 9 1999 at The Smell Part 2

Get pt 1 Here

Get pt 2 Here


Anonymous said...

I'm shivering and spasming. This is so great! The whole shebang. Also, do you have access to I.D. Art #2? Is this a maze?
searoots & cratforsite wish a marry life for every mutant!

vdoandsound said...

mister gobble-glad you're diggin' this so much. ID Art #2 was just reissued on the superb Paradigm Disc imprint, so it won't be appearing here.