Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another obligatory absence.

Dear friends
due to moving to a new house i will not have internet connection for about 10 days.This means there will be no posts from me at this period.Sorry about that,i will try one way or another to moderate comments board and keep the touch with my friends here.
See you in about 10 days
Jim Mutantsounds


Tom said...

Hello Jim,

Many thanks, as always, for your extraordinary efforts.



Anonymous said...


An "oblogatory" absence?

Is that a Freudian slip?



mutantsounds said...

ooops!i meant obligatory

Anonymous said...

hehe -- just teasing ya. Good luck moving into your new house, Jim!!!! Is this a really big move for you? Hopefully a nice step up for you, your wife and kids.

I remember you saying your daughter magic markered some of your records in the past! :)

Again, good luck with the move, and if anyone wants to go to anytime later tonight, I will be there so those without premium RS accounts can download unlimited (sometimes the site is busy due to all the activity so just try back in five minutes or so if that happens).

fuzztunnel said...

Best wishes for you, your family, and your new home. Can't wait to see/hear all your great posts when you get back.

Cellar said...

thanks, best of luck!

Catasto Elettrico said...

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