Sunday, August 12, 2007

The 9th set of obscure DIY 7"

Red Asphalt -e.p,1981,USA(well not the entire e.p,due to mistaken rip,2 songs missing,no time to rip them right now will do asap)


The Faux-e.p,7",2002,USA

Plyphonic Size-Pragmatic Songs e.p,7",1980,Belgium

Dr. Koch Ventilator-Der Lunger/Tina,7",1980,Germany

Bruce Lose - What's Your Name,7",1983,USA(Flipper related)

Basking Sharks-Diamond Age,7",1983,UK

Blackie-Aktiv/Ich und Du,7",1981,Germany(sleeve scans missing,any help?)

Genet Tic Toc -Darwin's Machines/Theory Of Permutation ,7",1982,Australia(scans missing,any help?)

Sorry no time for reviews and infos this time
get them here


Anonymous said...

great stuff, thank you

Anonymous said...

Blackie was an artist from the 1-sein label ( and the single you mention can't possible be from the year 1981.

Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews said...

Thanks for the Red Transistor.

Now who's got the Endtables?

Anonymous said...


the Sütterlin EP was issued by KernKrach at 2002; it does not come from 1982. However, the music is (most probably) from early 80's tape(s).

Quinn said...

Does anyone know where this version of "Jive Puppet" and the song "Goodbye Sunshine" on the RED ASPHALT portion is from? Its not from the 7" and I am curious.

mutantsounds said...

they are from tape compilation quinn

Unknown said...

I can send a scan once of the Genet tic toc single for you things calm down a bit at school (assignments due, you know how it is).

If you're interested, email me:


Anonymous said...

Please if someone can rip or post Red Asphalt's missing song...this three songs sound AWESOME!

Also The Faux are awesome...

Greeting from Serbia

btw.This blog are awesome!!

Matthew said...

Could you please provide some information on the Blackie 7"?