Wednesday, August 22, 2007

TURBUND STURMWERK / INADE "Peryt Shou" LP box 2002 (Germany)

The second part of two compilations dedicated to the occult underground in early 20th century Germany and have appeared in the series "Germania Occulta" in a dedication to occultist Peryt Shou, one of the most important esotericists of the 20th century. This post industrial work released as a box set by the Loki label features a collaboration of two of Germany's finest post-industrial acts TURBUND STURMWERK and INADE.

TURBUND STURMWERK open the album in a quiet mood, abandoning their trademark style of crackling martial drums, howling electronics, hectoring disembodied voices and such warlike imagery. In a frightening atmosphere of nocturnal intimacy they delve into the rich heritage of the teachings of Peryt Shou. Ethereal ambient electronics and piano works with a neo-classical edge that function as a sonic testimony of occultism as a blending of human experience and ancient traditions concerning the origins and significance of humankind and the universe.

INADE follow with their usual dark ritual sounds, in a heavier industrial mood. Devastating harsh-ambient frequencies in a hypnotic spiritual research; a wrapping sonic intensity, alchemic and cathartic that works best in its more atmospheric aspects when it's a bit more abstract and simultaneously controlled.

This release is a verification of the serious interest in taking an attempt to connect esoteric knowledge with music into sounding forms. The edition came in a special deluxe box set wit a 24-page booklet in 10"size and a vinyl LP available in two different colours: red and black, hosted in a gatefold cover.

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Anonymous said...

Waww, thanks for this! Any chance you can add the -in my humble opinion- even better TURBUND STURMWERK 7" Der Letzte Sieger Ist Der Tod?


Dualtrack said...

I like the reflection in the top picture, it's almost a self-portrait.

Anonymous said...

you wore a light blue t-shirt, when you did a shot of the cover, right? ;)

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