Tuesday, August 14, 2007


While the parent compilation LP that this 12" is a footnote to (both culled from live performances broadcast on the Aussie radio station responsible for funding this) was a far more mainstream affair, showcasing the likes of The Hoodoo Gurus, Go-Betweens, Triffids etc, this 12" is a different story alltogether, as the compilers evidently saw fit to corral all the more wayward and challenging material onto this EP, tossed out like an afterthought and issued solely in a printed inner-sleeve. Whatever the case though, this is an essential slice of Aussie underground experimentation, with Bring Philip plying the same intense and anxiety-riddled spin on the early Oingo Boingo sound featured on their 12" that I posted a while back. Severed Heads' work of this era is an article of faith in the circles I run in and I am well past the point of critical judgement on these avatars. I'll just note that their track here is typically masterful and leave it at that. Mad Room are a bit of the odd duck out for me here. Somewhat interesting, but hindered by a vocalist I can't quite get on with. Great White Noise (including a drummer named Tony Buck, who I assume is the same guy that went on to be in The Necks) are stellar though and their breed of angular mutant jazz cum post punk curiously situates them far closer to the sax-centric wing of the Downtown NY axis represented by the likes of Jules Baptiste or The Ordinaires than anything else I've ever heard from Aussie quarters.

Track listing:

Bring Philip-Biodestiny
Severed Heads-In Flesh
Mad Room-The Lever
Great White Noise-Decidedly Less Her

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this one. Keep on!

I'd like to request Severed Heads - Gashing The Old Mae West (Limited Edition)
( http://www.discogs.com/release/107652 ), I love that tune.

vdoandsound said...

cdm-Alas, I'll have to refrain from posting any SH work unless it's something that Ellard isn't self-publishing himself via his site nowadays. This one's available on his Gashing/Kato CDR release and/or download from sevcom.com

_ said...

thanks for this, one of my favourite severed heads tracks, plus its a good bring philip track too. i have a 7" by them that one day i'll get around to making a blog and posting it.
by the way, fantastic site. cheers!!!

John Daly said...

cool, mad room, I saw this band just about every monday night for a year, and I still love them. whoops now, box the jesuit. thanks for the memory soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

I have this on vinyl, but don't have a stylus.

The Severed Heads and Mad Room tracks are standouts.

Any chance of a re-up for this obscure one?