Sunday, August 12, 2007

The 10th set of obscure DIY 7"

Party Day-The Spider/Flies,7",1984,UK

I'm So Hollow-Dreams to fill the vacuum/Distraction,7",1980,UK

Coïtus Int.-Dead Excitement ep,1980,Netherlands

Dada-36 - Här I Fabriken /Soldater,7"1983,Sweden

God's Gift-Discipline/Then calm again,7",1982,UK

The New Age-In the year 2525/Electric girl,7",1980,Germany
Red Transistor- Not bit/We're not crazy,7",1977,USA(Von LMO related)

The Laughing Apple-The Ha Ha Hee Hee! ep,7",1981,UK(Primal Scream,Biff bang paw,Revolting Paint Dream related)

get them here


Anonymous said...

great thanks for this (and many other) post! i've been looking towards hearing the coitus int. 7" for a really long time!
you're doing a wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

Looks great, but I'm on a Mac. :-(

Anonymous said...

Looks great, but I'm on a Mac. :-(

Anonymous said...

great, thanks! but is this the 10th or the 8th part? when I unzip the archive the folder is named as "8th part"

Danny Snelson said...

god i love these 7" posts.
hope greece is sunny for u!
cheers always in awe of these mutations.

j.h c

mutantsounds said...

anonymous--->this is the 10th part no matter what the folder name is when ou unzip it

Albin said...

i were amazed that a small swedish band like Dada36 had gone to such international fame. posted their second single on my blog today, check it out, its better than their first one.

Anonymous said...

excellent! thank you!

Mandate of Heaven said...

Awesome. Thanks a million!!

storck said...

Thanks for these! Also, Coïtus Int's Dead Excitement was reissued last year:

Death Rock Greece said...

link no longer working?