Thursday, August 9, 2007

V/A:Ecstasy by Current ,LP,1988,Germany

Great experimental /post industrial compilation mixing ambient,ritual and totally fucked up noise experimentations by some of the most important representatives of the scene at it's time.Released through Schizophonia labem in limited edition of 500 copies.

A1 Randy Greif The Unnamable
A2 Dim. Reteire Gnorizondas
A3 Subtle Reign Confusion
A4 Katharsis Skeleton In Your Closet
A5 Subtle Reign Recreation
A6 Solanaceae Tau Europe's Funeral Party
B1 Jeff Greinke Traffic Wars
B2 Solanaceae Tau Veitstanz Amplitude
B3 G*Park Intro
B4 G*Park Extra
B5 Beat The Material Do You Remember
B6 Memorandum Exterminans
B7 Jeff Greinke Ritual
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Anonymous said...

Thanks! Mutant Sounds for all review and upload all these music, f*cking great! but unfortunately, some files got error after I download. It happen sometime.

PS. love your music blog, the best!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Do you have the follow-up ECSTASY BY CURRENT II LP as well? Another humble request would be the 12" by POLAR PRAXIS (Music For) FIREWORKS.
Your blog is the best one around!

Anonymous said...

Hello i'm Lino from Italy....thanks for yr fantastic blog. I can't open this link (also Songs For A Party on A Mutant Beach vol.3) could you reupload these files??? Thanks