Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Feo-Eg Meini Teo,LP,1971,Denmark

Ynkown Danish acod folk rock LP.Not much infos found.Much use of flute ,some jazzish hints here and there.Excellent LP.

get it here (no massmirror link since it is found that doesn't work)


Anonymous said...

massmirror still work fine for me, i am on mac with zipeg


vdoandsound said...

I've posted this same message on the Day Blindness post above:

As someone who constantly uploads to massmirror, take it from me, there are almost ALWAYS issues with uploading to them. All of yesterday when I was trying to upload files to them, they were crapping out. It's not at all unusual for me to try uploading two files at once to them only to find that only one has uploaded properly. For someone with a finite amount of time to devote to posting here, I can certainly understand why Jim temporarily reverted to rapidshare for posting these.

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Quazi said...

You should let massmirror know if you have any problems, that would be the best way to get them fixed.