Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day Blindness -st,1969,LP,USA

Only LP from San Francisco psych band in 1968 with lots of fuzz leads & organ, at times a dark Doorsy mood peaking on the 12:30 long track "Holy Land". Featuring on guitar Gary Pihl,of Boston fame.Highly recommented!

get it here


Anonymous said...

yo my mutant brothers what is up with this relapse to rapidshare?

Cellar said...

thank you! what happened to non-facist hosts..?
Massmirror was just perfect

Cellar said...

i have just to listened to this and it is amazing... Are there any more gems out there like this?

pure organ psych bliss!

vdoandsound said...

I've posted this same message on the Feo post below:

As someone who constantly uploads to massmirror, take it from me, there are almost ALWAYS issues with uploading to them. All of yesterday when I was trying to upload files to them, they were crapping out. It's not at all unusual for me to try uploading two files at once to them only to find that only one has uploaded properly. For someone with a finite amount of time to devote to posting here, I can certainly understand why Jim temporarily reverted to rapidshare for posting these.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric and Jim,

I think I found a solution so everyone can download from Rapidshare without waiting.

The site is called rs43.com.

What you do is go there and paste the actual Rapidshare link into a box and follow the instructions. And if 2 other people follow in suit (requesting the same file through rs43.com), then all 3 (or more, depending on demand) people can download the file instantly (even without a premium Rapidshare account).

Considering the high number of visitors to this blog, I think it may be a hit with folks who don't have premium RS accounts.

Try it out guys. Again, it's called rs43.com.

Kind Regards,


Cellar said...

or even you could just try
Zshare or Mediafire who are both reliable and COMPLETELY free?
just a suggestion

Anonymous said...

You must be new to the blog. Eric explained why MediaFire didn't work.... and a loooooong time ago.

Fred G. Sanford said...

kEEP uP thaT fuZZtone BRO.
thankS A mILLION.