Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ellis Dee & The Dans-st,LP(?),196?,USA(?)

Awesome distorted psychedelic recordings.I believe it's from the late 60s.No infos found anywhere.A friend passed it to me and here it is presented to all of you.Excellent fuzzy guitars,organ,distorted vocals. SF psychedelia,distorted bluesy tunes some heavy Hedrix like guitar riffs and swirling organ all through.These guys must have been heavy on acid when recording this.Any info and pic sleeve scans (if any) would be much appreciated.VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENTED FOR ALL ACID HEADS OUT THERE!

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Anonymous said...

way damaged sounding... very cool.

thanks for sharing.

Sure said...

heh! wtf. this is truly acid mindblowing psych. very strong and raw. thank you

Anonymous said...

i dig acid and i dig Ellis Dee. Man this stuff is quite feeding my animal.You perfectly hit my taste...thankyou so much, feller

greets sez Jimbo

Anonymous said...

great album.

Anonymous said...

wow...wonderful. pure madness in godz/monks vein . sadly, 'damaged sounding' in the literal way, esp on track 5 - i believe it's digital clicks and buzzes. is it only in my copy ?
cheers, darek/poland

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how there can be absolutely no info on this record anywhere. It's simply too good to go completely unknown for god knows how long. A way more fried, even more toiling in total obscurity Michael Yonkers!? Either this is a lost masterpiece or a total put on.

Anonymous said...

They're from the U.S. but not a 60s band.
This is a tape from 2003, reissued lately on Synthetic Synesthesia.
There's even a myspace page (no infos though): www.myspace.com/ellisdeeandthedans

Anonymous said...

Yeah its modern so its knowing, certainly not the work of acid heads but okay all the same.