Monday, August 6, 2007

Songs For A Party on A Mutant Beach vol.1

As summer holidays (well at least mine) are very close,i decided to post 3 volumes of songs i would love hear on the bech.Not the known complex experimental stuff here but just some songs that would create a perfect playlist for a mutant summer.

Mutant Playlist
28th Day - 25 Pills
48 Hours - Back To Ireland (1979)
Alan Burnham- music to save the world by
Associates - Tell Me Easter's on Friday
Avocados - I Never Knew
Beatitudes, the - surfing psychos
Beatitudes, the - so much
Beatitudes, the - the frozen seas of IO
BLUE ORCHIDS - Bad Education
boys next door-the voice
Calling Hearts - In The Jungle
The Chesterfield Kings - Help You Ann
Chron Gen - Jet boy jet girl
Cpt Nefos - Cadilac Dreams
Crowd control - there are houses
Cybotron- Cosmic cars
Dorothy - Softness
Dr Phibes-Cuncti Simus
Dr Phibes-Profiteia
EXTRO2-Fast car
The Freeze - Psychodalek Nightmares
galactic symposium-ymca
Glass Actors - Changes
Human hands-Trains Vs Planes
Invisible Zoo - Synthesizer Man
kidz next door - kidz next door
libido blume - in my room
Liquid Sky - Me And My Rhythm Box
membranes - muscles
Men Without Hats-Romeo & Juliette
MYDOLLS-In technicolor
November Group - We Dance
One on the clapometer-mystery car
Plague - In Love
Polyphonic size - mother's little helper
Rational youth-saturdays in silesia
Realy 3Ds - everyday, everyway
record players - don't go backwards
Record Players - MOR
Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages - Murder In The Graveyard
Screaming lord Sutch - She's fallen in love with a monster man
Atom spies - Single Dance
Skunks - Good From The Bad
Soft Cell - Metro M.R.X.
Soft Cell - The Girl With The patent leather face
Spherical Objects - Memories
Steve Miro And The Eyes - Steps up
The Fuzztones - nine months later
The Nuns - Suicide Child
The Three Johns - Pink Headed Bug
The Times - Pop Goes Art
Toys - My Mind Wanders
Ups & Downs - In the Shadows
Vice Creems - 01-01-212
Vietnam Veterans - The Days of Pearly Spencer
Wall of Voodoo - Mexican Radio
wasted youth - i wish i was a girl

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Note that these would almost be my only posts for August.Well ,almost...


Loopy C said...

See ya on the Vermillion Sands.

"Vermilion Sands has more than its full share of dreams and illusions, fears and fantasies, but the frame for them is less confining. I like to think, too, that it celebrates the neglected virtues of the glossy, lurid and bizarre."

Sounds like 'Mutant Sounds' to me! Happy Holidays ;-)

Anonymous said...

can u put the playlist in the post?
thanks much!

Trustar said...

thanks for the great post.

From the Left Coast


Anonymous said...

I need a cover :P

Anonymous said...

to put the tracklist in da post right click, new text, copy paste, job done,thanks for some groovy beach listening,must go on holiday now ,throws dart at map.

Anonymous said...

any chance of posting more mydolls? been looking forever for more stuff by this obxcure texas band after hearing their great track on the cottage cheese from the lips of death comp...

noisepress said...

thank you mutantsounds!

enjoy your vacation:)

Unknown said...

when I listen to the first bunch of your selection of songs I feel the need to add this waving little thing:
(i love the bassline so much ;-))
maybe you know it - maybe not, it's just a hint ;-)

enjoy your summerholidays

Nolan Micron said...

Can I suggest the following picture as some suitable artwork for this most excellent collection?

Anonymous said...

Kookin' Forward to hearing this!!!!

Much thanks,

Wave said...

Fine selektion of musik. Danke.

Anonymous said...

immense thanks!
going to vacations soon too, now got something to sunbathe with!
happy holidays, friend!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this, look forward to a long dazed listening.

Buck said...

Nice work on those compilations, I really have a crush on Dorothy's softness. Listened to it about 10 time, thank you so much MutantSounds !

Buck said...

You're my favorite Muu...Tant

Anonymous said...

Great, there's so many gems in here. Could you please tell us where the track by Men without Hats is from and when it was published? Couldn't find it in Google. Thanks! Wolfgang

Unknown said...


I had that 48 Hours song on a tape for the last 25 years, and could never work out who it way.

I saw the title and just knew it was the song I had been looking for all this time.


Unknown said...

hey, I found this compilation again on my disc and the beatitudes track so much was so well known for me and then I get it - it's a coverversion by Nightshadow - So much. You may know this?! if not:
greetings m

Anonymous said...

Listening again. So where is that Men Without Hats track from? Sounds like a demo, but could not find any info. Any specialst around?

alicia said...

it would seem i wont be able to take the second part along, any comments on its apparent corrupt status?

mdsgcg said...

Hey, nice tracks; noticed 28th day on the you have the sunbirds "no sun no shadow" ?

Anonymous said...

Men Without Hats - Romeo and Julliet is INCORRECT.

Here is the correct label -

Madame Bovary - Be My Friend (In Spite of All)- 1986 7" EP

Madame Bovary is from Toulouse France.

People this could not possibly be Men Without Hats because Ivan is fluent in English, and singer is not.