Wednesday, August 22, 2007

O.N.T.J.-JOSE, CD, 1997, JAPAN

Like many of their contemporaries in the 90's Japanese avant-prog landscape, this obscure outfit (featuring Optical*8 member and God Mountain label founder Hoppy Kamiyama in it's line-up) have dedicated themselves to creating ferocious outwardly-bound bombast that fuses inhuman intricacy with barefaced insanity, though in O.N.T.J.'s case, these instincts toward obliteration are tempered by a predisposition toward jazziness, sometimes veering dangerously (ironically?) close to fuzak and overlaid with guest vocalist Olivia's maniacal gibbering, which, when morphed into O.N.T.J.'s furious genre mulch, just makes for that much more head scratching amusement.

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Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks! Been wanting to hear this for a long time.


Anonymous said...

though only borderline OT, any chance you have DMBQ Fables of Thinner Lemon?

I posted a repost request to Dirk before tragedy struck. Hoping someone may still have it, and would be extremely thankful for a post.

Almost as thankful as I am for Mutant Sounds! Keep spreading the good work!


vdoandsound said...

spiralstares-don't have that one, unfortunately.

ECno8 said...

anyone else get a crc fail for track 3? any way we can get this?