Thursday, August 16, 2007


The second in my continuing series of posts of superb experimental electronic manipulations by this gifted French audio artist and frankly, this one would probably have been a more ideal point of entry for the uninitiated than his Signature Model CDR that I posted a few days back, as the remit here is rather more wide ranging and it's impact a bit more immediate, with Christian Renou yoking all sorts of rhythmic drives to his normal grab bag arsenal of surrealist electronic experimental techniques in a way that almost borders on Randy Greif territory at times and is both original and unsettling, not to mention unyielding, as this CD tracks as one continuous hour long journey.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds great! But iss some of the album missing? I opened the file. One mp3 is titled "1-7".
Inside the cover flap it says, "1-10".
Thanks for the great music either way:)
But if possible if some is missing, I would love to have the rest:)
And thank you again:)

phil said...

wow - renou = wow.
check his latest
-ex-voto- on

vdoandsound said...

anonymous-I was wondering if anyone was gonna notice that.'s correct. That's the full contents of the disc. 1-7 is what was written into the CD data by whoever put in the initial text in for this CD. I should have changed it to 1-10 to match the cover info so as not to cause confusion. Ah well.