Sunday, August 5, 2007


One of the earliest releases on the scene-defining Finnish freak folk label 267 Lattajjaa was this massive 160 minute state of the union, with a list of contributors that reads like a who's who of this underground scene (albeit with a handful of international contributors as well). Interestingly, for a label largely associated with the freak folk contingent, this compilation ventures rather further outside those boundaries than most of what would subsequently come down the Finnish underground musical pike, with everything from noise to avant synth pop to tape collage shenanigans transpiring here, though the majority of what's at hand still underlines the strange cultural phenomena currently at play in the Finnish underground that's resulted in virtually hundreds of groups suddenly springing to life plying a similar formulation of detuned and lopsided lo-fi communal improvised folk/psych jams; a circumstance that usually engenders either treasures or turkeys but not much in between (well...for me at least) and that balance of inspired amateurism vs resolute wankery is writ large here. Having said that, there's plenty of musical fascination to be found herein; peak contributions for me coming from the known figures like Uton, Avarus, Pylon, Braspyreet, Plat Ypus, and unknown quantities like Ever Had, Rakennustuhkaa, O Samuli A and No Scene.

Get disc 1 part 1 Here

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OK, finally something i own too ;) great label and amazing compilation!

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thank you so much

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it looks delicious,could you re-up please?

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