Wednesday, August 8, 2007

AIDAN BAKER + LEAH BUCKAREFF / DATASHOCK one sided pic 12" (lim. 100 copies)

This is an album released just yesterday through HLAVA label ,limited to 100 copies and it's almost sold-out.HLAVA owner had the kindness to send me a link to this recording to post it through my blog .
On this one-sided picture-12“ you can listen to a live improvisationof the two artists Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff in collaboration withthe German band “Datashock”. This show took place on 05/21/2007 inDarmstadt, Germany.That night the septet combined free sound improvisations and electro-acoustic music with psychedelic, traditional and cosmic frequences in avery particular and idiosyncratic manner.The result is a 16 minutes long ensemble of sounds, an elegiacallygliding swirl of resounding, clacking, booming and billowing sounds,which intensely and hypnotically swells out of the boxes. Sometimes itproduces a chaotic impression as percussion sounds, billowing whisper,nervous howling and creaking guitar sounds get hectically jumbeled. Themusic resounds constantly powerful and measured and mountains of dullsounds, mystic and drawn-out voices, which resemble electronicallyalienated Sufi rituals during a consciousness-expanding trip, arise.But it does not turn out to be endless singsong or even mere boringrepetition. In short: It was a downright crazy, exciting and impressingexperience, which, as it was eternalized on vinyl, developes its ownspecial character.
Review written by Patrik Steinhauser
For those interested buying a vinyl copy(if there's any left), go here:
or here:

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thanks Patrik!


Anonymous said...

thanx for the upload mutant.
we got only 93 copies. this is not a joke or a homage to aleister crowley or something. someone has just fucked up 7 copies while the pictures were printed.

Anonymous said...

the lp is a split release with

Anonymous said...

Wow, Aiden Baker, his first release since last week! Maybe Acid Mothers Temple will finally release something new next...

Anonymous said...

i have the album and it's great!

Cool for sharing it