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S.Y.P.H. - the Gevelsberg Tapes,1979,CD-R,Germany

The first S.Y.P.H. EP "much enemy - much honour" I in December 1979 with Rip off in Hamburg on the occasion of "noises for the 80er"-festival added itself. At this time the confrontation between "Punkrockern" (the Punk only as Punkrock in the style of Ramones and Sex Pistols accepted) and "artist luggage" (the Punk as liberty to experiments understood) already was in the full course, as the happening showed on the festival. I do not assume that the S.Y.P.H. EP met large agreement with the "Punkrockern", because she corresponded in keinster way, as itself S.Y.P.H. with the first Hamburg-festival, which "Into The Future" had presented in February 1979 live. No short Punkrockstuecke with amusing texts, but Synthi cheeping and Tapes with newscasts from the time of the Schleyer schleyer-Entfuehrung, in addition a three-dimensional sound as if the plate live was taken up in the exercise area with a Cassettenrekorder. If one however into the "sounding S.Y.P.H. book", one of Harry rise up yourself 1982 arranged 3-Cassetten-Sammlung with up to then mostly unpublished studio -, live and exercise area photographs (4 hours material), deepens, then this EP is Ausrut no. S.Y.P.H. played everything: Punk, Folkversuche, wild Sessiongedaddel and electronic Quaelereien. Altogether 40 minutes are to be found by the photographs from Gevelsberg on the cartridge collection, whereby some sounds rather incomplete of it. Which did not prevent me however from after I had heard the cartridges to play with the idea of a LP publication. A Cover I sketched at that time, but to more it was not enough naturally - and afterwards I think also that the idea was nevertheless not completely so good, but for InterNet release for burning it is always enough. There is by the way my knowledge the only Studio photographs of S.Y.P.H. with Ralf Doerper.
From the photographs from Gevelsberg the first 4 pieces appeared at that time as EP, and it actually concerns here the most compact photographs out of the whole session. The other pieces are clearly free, in particular "Fripption" that like a sound check sounds partial, perhaps even one were, with word setting from the transmitting room. Possibly the remainder of the photographs, except perhaps the longer version of Europe, developed only besides and for the publication on the EP was never considered, which did not prevent the volume however to pack a cutout from the Xylophon fun "Gevelsberg" as a "buzzer time Bluus" on its 3.LP "Live one here and there". The piece "pure joy" is called by the way "clammy secret" on the EP and shows that S.Y.P.H. the volume was, which itself at the most explicit all early German Punkband on the German autumn, which confrontation between state and RAF, on master home and the requirement of both sides that who not for her was her enemy was reacted. Thus the Cover shows two picture icons from this time, on the front a scene photo of the buggy, which the RAF used with the entfuehrung of employer president Hanns Martin Schleyer for stopping its car and for the weapon transport, on the back a photo of a helicopter passenger for a round flight over Karlsruhe, which was identified later than the looked for terrorist Christian clear, on the way of attack targets such as courts and public prosecutor's offices to obviously explore. Harry rise up describes on the S.Y.P.H. web page like it at that time 8 weeks long tried printering for the Cover to find, but none found, although the pictures were to be seen star in mirrors, and otherwise where. Finally those put the Cover to volume on a photocopier and tacked the two sheets together. Sometime after it the guitarist Uwe Jahnke must have gotten cold feet, because its cash on delivery is deleted on the Cover with Edding, equally on the supplement from Christian well clear production a xxxxxxxx well clear production became and the photo of clear by 2 Eddingstriche was made unrecognizable. Remember: 1979 were still no the involved one clearly that music and film would be their occupation way, the option of a civil career, possibly also at the state, were much more largely located in the area (Harry rise up made painter teachings) and it was the wedding of the professionals disqualification, where the participation in any demonstration and carrying red socks threatened to versauen on eternally the life way. This was at that time a concrete threat and surely many in its political acting intimidated (me also). Also the often spielerische, childlike element in the music of S.Y.P.H. was a reaction to the German autumn, because one could extract oneself thereby from both stick-serious political camps, like also the entire aesthetics of the early German Punk in West Germany of a verweigerung in relation to the cultural defaults from state and left opposition was (West Berlin with its strong radically left-wing element in the Punk is another topic). The party politics came only with the Deutschpunk back into the music.
Over the S.Y.P.H. EP Uli deer mountain in the Hamburg Fanzine "skirt music" wrote in October 1979 the following: "with present syph singel had I still the going TZE of paints in the back of the head my surprise all the larger, as only times rather unsektiererische loud from the grooves come. "industrial girl" is in-usual moderato discotheque beat a that me very well pleases. it continues to go with a contribution to the European integration ("Europe"). technorock. profetenstimme: Europe - peoples without border - peoples without work - peoples without a goal without hope - without believe without leaders - Europe marches without direction - without future - worker Europe (or so similarly) - your future determine you... very convincingly! modern romance: for alternation a punkig fetzendes piece text up to "we is not an animal" or like that which not to understand in the end still times 2 years back into the German autumn staatsmeinungsfetzen from news of the day & other pseudoobjective comments becomes together-installed likewise gespenstisch as one from the distance notices: schleyer schleyer-entfuehrung by demand for house he command for death penalty/abolishment of the force feeding/shooting of raf geiseln/mogadischo/baader enssin raspe suicide (or "suicide"?) & which passed otherwise still everything at hysterischen over reactions. 4 vokabeln is faded in of syph when assembling: heroism, property, home of one's own, master home! initially quotation: "the newspaper le moons meant, Germany was ill". a mad piece of music! however I have the impression that the terrorism topic is too much fashionably abused (not only with syph)... "
This is an unofficial release as far as i know with tapes recorded by SYPH in 1979 containing their 1st e.p.Very strange collection of avant punk weirdness.Don't miss it!Any more infos would be much appreciated!
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Anonymous said...

Brilliant post, thanks so much! On a side note, I've been looking for SYPH's "I Want U" 12" for what seems nearly an eternity. Anyone here that could point me in the right direction?

Anonymous said...

Was this translated by computer? It seems strange that songs would be referred to as "photograps"!

Good info and good recordings, but when the translation is garbled, it's easier to figure out the meaning when the original is included.

martinf said...

These recordings are part of an official S.Y.P.H.-release, „Das tönende S.Y.P.H.-Buch”, 4 cassettes with 240 minutes music from S.Y.P.H., recorded between 1979 and 1982 at various studios, concerts and rehearsal spaces. On the cassettes there are some 40 minutes of recordings from the first S.Y.P.H.-studio session from July 1979 at Gevelsberg. 4 tracks from this session were released on the “Viel Feind - Viel Ehr”-EP in 1979. During the 1980s I had the idea of releasing the complete recordings as an album and even made a cover, but I never wrote to Harry Rag to offer the idea. So when I discovered music blogging I finally brought my idea into some kind of virtual reality. By the way, the original posting is still available here: And I added a summery for all those English-speaking-people so you don’t have to strive for the dyslexic babelfish.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing more early stuff by this unaccountably-overlooked NDW act.

thanks a lot


Anonymous said...

I'm not really referring to the music in this post - but to the write-up! Oh gosh, being a German I laughed my ass off for this WONDERFUL writing!! No kiddin! This is fun to the bone, although I assume, that you, Mutantsounds, had it translated by some machine - but hey, when Machines can produce wonderful sounds, why not Dada-poetry, too???

Anonymous said...

I would really like to see something on Dorper's 'Eraserhead' Ep released on Operation Twilight.